Cold Case

A Pedophile in Hand: Christopher Brian Busch, OCCK Suspect Nonpareil


It’s said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,
but luckily for Oakland County investigators,
this isn’t always the case.

In 2006 San Francisco polygraph examiner Patrick Coffey visited Sin City to deliver a presentation at the American Polygraph Association convention.
While there, entirely by chance, Coffey began chatting with fellow polygrapher Larry Wasser;
Wasser, in a random bit of happenstance, hails from Oakland County, where Coffey had been raised.
During the course of their conversation Coffey mentioned that he’d become interested in the field of polygraphy as a child
when his neighbor Tim King was abducted and murdered by the Oakland County Child Killer.
Wasser then allegedly delivered some stunning news.

“Oh, I know who killed your neighbor boy,” Wasser reportedly said.
According to Patrick Coffey
Wasser claimed he’d been conducting a private polygraph unrelated to the OCCK murders when his subject spontaneously confessed to the Babysitter’s crimes.

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